SimpleTeX4ht 2.8 released

I just would like to draw your attention to a new release of SimpleTeX4ht that happened on 30 November 2010 already. SimpleTeX4ht is a graphical user interface for the TeX-to-XML converter TeX4ht, i.e., you can use TeX4ht for converting TeX and LaTeX files by simply dragging and dropping them from the Finder to the SimpleTeX4ht window, selecting the target format and clicking on „convert“. Amongst other bugfixes, ODT conversion is said to have been improved, and an Italian localisation was added, too. Multiple installations of TeX4ht on your system should be easier to work with, too.

Posting to the MacOSX-TeX — TeX on Mac OS X Mailing List, 5 December 2010. – Via Schockwellenreiter.

Vgl. meinen Beitrag zu SimpleTeX4ht in c’t 14/2009 im Heise-Softwareverzeichnis.

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